Brand Cam is the simplest way to create fun sharable content customized to your business or event. 

What is Band Cam's privacy policy? 

We are all about sharing the fun moments your customers have at your location, but we offer multiple tools and privacy preferences to meet your comfort level. Our hosted online photo galleries fall into three categories public, unlisted, or private. 

How do people get their photos?

They type in their phone number on the iPad screen at the end of a session, and a link to their branded content is texted over wifi.  This seems like magic at first, and often people will grab friends to try it out. 

People have their own smartphones why should I care about photo marketing in this way?

Because Brand Cam is so simple to use, people make more content; good soft light makes your skin tone look good in most lighting conditions and allows people to be in the moment.  Best of all, your branding is on every photo or GIF. So your Brand Cam is always making organic marketing content for you.  

What does the subscription cover?

With a Brand Cam subscription, you get a person to call for help with any technical issues, we remote monitor your unit to make sure it is running smoothly, fix any hardware or replace any hardware if it isn't working.