Want to make your event stand out?

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Imagine you hired a marketing company to make fun bite-sized content for your business 365 days a year, then you hired thousands of influencers to share content for you. How much would that cost? 

We don't know either but we are here to help you stand out without murdering your marketing budget. 

- Cam 

Want to grow your brand and delight your customers every time they enter your door: yes or no?

Yes- I love my customers and want them to encourage others to visit. 

No- I don't like people or money, and I like to turn off the open sign hours early and hide. haha

How a full-time Brand Cam works

  1. We mount our photo kiosk on a wall in your business.

  2. People use it to make content that has your logo and hashtags.

  3. They type in their phone number and receive the content in a text link.

  4. Your customers share this content with others on social media.

  5. We track the usage of your Brand Cam and maintain all hardware, software, and tech support for you.

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The Brand Cam is designed & manufactured in North Carolina. Where we put the fun in functional; we pride ourselves on consistently outperforming other systems in durability, reliability, and performance.  

We are always a quick phone call away if our customers need anything.  

Thanks for checking us out! 

Before you go, have you noticed the spaceman on our site?

GIFs & Boomerangs are a great way to add some personality to your brand. GIFs also see 55% more engagement than those without on Twitter.